Sogn og Fjordane



Tourist Attractions:

Borgund Stave Church, Jyggrefoten, Gammle Øyri, Laksen, The Gjesme Gallery

Town Symbol:

Red Shield with two Yellow Dragon Skulls

Lærdal is a town in Indre Sogn, in Sogn og Fjordane. Lærdal is known for it's culture-memories, the most known being Borgund Stave Church. Also, Lærdal is the home of many myths, wich has been told in the areas around and in Lærdal since the Viking Age. The famous norwegian classical piece Ballad of Revolt was written in Lærdal by the composer Harald Sæverud, inspired by the damage the Germans did to the landscape during World War 2. There are still many bunkers from WW2 still intact, and one of them even has Nazi grafitti in it. That bunker is on the North side of the valley that most of Lærdal lies in. If you go a little bid upwards from the bunker, you should get to Mjålkeflaten. Dick

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