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    New Changes

    May 12, 2011 by YaMoreMedia

    Hey dear visitors! Long time no see, right?

    Fear not! - We're back, as we promised with amazing new ideas and future upcoming changes!

    When we created this Wiki we wanted to start of a fine Wiki about Norway, but when we registered the Wiki we were still not ready to give it the full make-over.

    Well, today it has changed! - The make-over has begun!

    These are the changes that you have noticed:

    Showing off the amazing power of nature of Norway. This gives the Wiki a more satisfaction for our editors and readers, because if a Wiki looks good... it feels good to return to it once again! ...and ofcourse, this is a Wiki about Norway, and Norway is beautiful... so we need to keep the standards as high here!

    We created our first logo just for fun! - and …

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